There are a total of 17 Highland Mixed School fishing nodes in the 3 fly-to-only lakes in Terrokar Forest (3 in Lake Jorune above Stonebreaker Point, 4 in Lake Ere’Noru above Allerian Stronghold, and 10 in the Blackwind Lake / Skettis area). You’ll need about 480 or more fishing to catch the fish in these lakes reliably … being Furious Crawdads, Goldenscale Vendorfish (that 6 g vendor).

(As a side note, Furious crawdads come only from certain Highland Mixed Schools used in Spicy crawdad cooking, which gives you 30 stam and 20 spirits for 30 minutes if you spend at least 10 seconds eating)

Just as there’s the rare fish in STV during the contest, there’s a very small chance you’ll be able to catch Mr. Pinchy, a special Crawdad who will have 3 wishes (charges) that will offer a nice 48 hour random effect / item from those mixed Highland ponds. Mr. Pinchy’s drop rate is about 0.2 per cent, which is about 1 in 500 positive casts on average. And be prepared to spend much time trying to get him.

If / when you get Mr. Pinchy, the wishes have 5 consequences. These are:

Mr. Pinchy’s Present, a present wrapped box of 4-5 Super Healing potions and 4-5 Super Mana potions inside. (Seems to be the most common outcome of the wishes)-Summon Furious Mr. Pinchy, level 70 Non-elite who will attack you and party.

— Benevolent Mr. Pinchy, Summon the protector of level 70 to aid you in battle.

— Mr. Pinchy’s Blessing, a buff of 2 hours + 1200hp that lasts even after death.

— Amazing Crawdad Box, The only permanent, non-consumable reward, an ultra-rare non-combat pet (normal white size, but super rare because you must first catch Mr. Pinchy to get it, and then be fortunate enough to get him to give you the pet afterwards.

Mr. Pinchy will vanish from your inventory after using the 3rd Charge / Wish, having been eaten. You’ll need to catch Mr. Pinchy again to get a further 3 wishes / chances to get what you’re looking for, which is the Magical Crawdad Box for most people.


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