What is technology? I bet everyone you ask will give you a different description, depending on what he / she is using. I’m sure your mother’s going to tell you that technology makes her life simple because of all the devices that have been created, your younger brother’s going to suggest technology means computers of the new century and extremely complex games, you’ll probably think it’s your cell phone. I’ll say technology is semi-cocked food for me. It was undoubtedly the greatest invention of all time. Yet it is I alone.

So, we’ve ascertained how we humans see technology. But really wouldn’t it be fun to see what it really is? Well it deals with how a species practices and instrument awareness intended to make life simpler and how it affects its ability to fit into the world. This description is general.

As a consequence of the interaction between various sciences and technologies, we, the humans see it.

Technology is one of those concepts which can not be described in fact. It cam means anything from a main board to the way a factory is run. It can apply to practically anything, since at a certain point all the stuff around us were technical breakdowns.

When do we get to use it? As such, it represents only one type of science in particular fields such as “medical technology” or in terms such as “state-of-the-art technology,” which is much more abstract.

For as long as we lived, we used technology. Discovering all manner of things intended to make our life easier is in our blood. And if they don’t exist, then you can bet we invent them. Starting with the discovery of fire and adapting all the things that we find in nature to our needs, and ending with the World Wide Web and the space satellites launched into orbit, we managed to turn it in our favor. So Technology is that. Well, as our ancestors used to say, since the invention of the wheel we’ve learned a great deal about controlling our environment.

Technology is every asset around us, and helps us to communicate globally. Just imagine it! You can view your friend in real time from the other side of the world with just one button. Not just talking to her but watching her, knowing what she’s doing and how she’s responding.

Yet technology has brought great burden upon us. We didn’t invent all nice things. Many disruptive devices do not ease our lives, but only complicate or end it. Bang-knock! And that is not the weapon of your brother, but a true one that can end your life in a heart beat.

What makes the world go round every day is all in technology. Okay, just not. Magic, or nature’s laws do that. Technology is something that, something things not to be blamed on nature. Ant that’s around 99.9 per cent of the stuff you’re using in life. So, technology VIVA.


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