Posting a project can be achieved in a range of categories as it starts from free plans to get regular providers up to paying plans to get top-notch and premium service providers. Many websites offer special plans in which a purchaser can highlight his project as featured and get an edge on other purchasers who posted the same project.

Let’s take a look at some freelance work sites and the pricing and rewards of their projects:


The project posting featured on this freelance marketplace provides several benefits for all purchasers. Also dedicated service providers on the project will be eligible to bid on a paid membership package or those otherwise qualified. The customer will be refunded a total of 5 quality deals assured otherwise full price. The project should have been classified on search pages as a top project. The best part is when a buyer awards a Featured Item, he gets back his $5 in his account. A buyer can totally free withdraw money or post another Project! It charges $5 for each project, the lowest price.


Elance featured post provides enhanced visibility on the web compared to their regular work posting, and also gives a chance to attract the highest quality proposals. Compared to their simple work posts, this work post helps a buyer to obtain further proposals. We also have on the search page a highlighted tab about the project to improve its exposure. They charge $15 per message.


This freelancing marketplace also provides buyers with a featured project posting alternative. On the search pages, their projects are highlighted attracting more potential bidders to the project, and are often rotated regularly as similar projects alongside all other project pages. These ventures attract several offers and also offer an incentive to employ more experienced and high quality freelancers. Posting those tasks will incur a $19 fee.


Scriptlance featured project posting as a suggested strategy for customers, helps to draw serious experts for job requirements. It also offers enhanced visibility; lowest rate bids and guarantees the project’s seriousness for buyers as well. There’s a $19 fee to post such a project, but when you close the file, you won’t be charged the usual $5 fee.

Hopefully this article will aid in choosing the best freelance marketplace to post a featured project and recruit a professional contractor to conduct a freelance project smoothly and efficiently. Please share your thoughts and feedback on the same.


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