The Valorant Closed Beta has been started since April 7, 2020 at 2:00 P.M CEST/ 5 A.M PDT.

Who Can Access?

If you live in the countries mentioned below, they are an opportunity for you to apply for this closed Valorant Beta edition.

  • United States
  • Europe
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • CIS Countries

How to Get Access to Closed Beta of Valorant

To get access to the beta version you need to follow the steps below, as Riot only offers the chosen players access to the Beta version so that you can be considered for Beta.

Remember that the number of players allowed in by Riot is dependent on their total server ability. We allow everyone to apply, and when they are ready, they will let more people in.

How Long Will The Valorant Closed Beta Last?

The Valorant closed beta will be “limited,” according to Riot, but it’s willing to rethink based on input from the players.

Valorant will be released in summer 2020 but they have not given any exact Release Date

What happens to the VALORANT Points I purchase during the Closed Beta?

All the points you purchase during the Beta edition will be returned to you on official release with an extra 20 percent bonus as a thank you for working with your skins and storing them.

Here’s an example: if you buy 10000 VALORANT Points during the closed beta, you’ll have 12000 VALORANT Points at launch (this incentive also applies to the bundled incentive for buying larger amounts)

Does my closed beta progress carry over to launch?

No. The current gameplay status of VALORANT may very well change when it comes to release, so it’s best for everyone to start from the same starting line.

You can read more on their official website.

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