CAD, Computer Assisted Design in the Engineering industry has brought about a technological revolution. It is possible to classify CAD services into specific categories such as Architectural Services, Structural Services, MEPs and Mechanical Services. Today’s CAD for Engineers and Architects is like breathing Oxygen. CAD Services is a blessing for all companies around the world who wish to carry out CAD projects with minimal cost and rapid deliverable efficiency. With the ever-increasing demands in the building industry and CAD services around the globe, they have achieved eminence.

This technology has significantly contributed to the growth of Construction Industry, Building and Infrastructure, Green Building Architecture along with other Engineering Domains such as Machine Design, Aeronautical Sheets, Transformer Design, GIS, Pressure Vessel Design, etc ..

Today’s engineering industry uses CAD Services to ensure lower cost, high quality, quick turnaround time and excellent project performance. CAD no longer limits itself to AutoCAD. Within the CAD Technology there has been a great change too. Globally, CAD practitioners use software that is helpful in implementing design, drafting and modeling projects using the latest tools such as AutoCAD, Revit, 3D Studio Max, Pro-E, Solid Works, Inventor, MicroStation etc. Thanks to CAD Services, the entire project execution cycle has come into a new arena with the help of such software. Visualization of an entire building is now possible and it is detail even before it is completed.

This is likely often referred to as Building Knowledge Modeling in the Engineering Industry with the aid of “Virtual Construction Modeling.” 3D Rendering helps to offer a photorealistic look to any building or object before the actual construction or manufacture of an object. This development has also caused a rise in engineering and CAD services providing companies. Several possibilities have opened up for Architects, Engineers, and Drafters with the transformation of blue prints produced manually to digitize CAD Drawings.

CAD services ensure absolute digitization of manual drawings through scanned pdfs, hand-drawn sketches or old manual drawings to computerized drawings. Companies use various methods and strategies to get the best out of project execution. As mentioned above, CAD Services are no longer limited to a specific domain or section. Service arrays are placed under one parapet. Computerized CAD models or images are easier to preserve, store or submit to consumers, in addition to project execution. There is no chance of damage in the course of time to the photos or drawings.

Errors can be quickly rectified without taking much time and can help make fast turnaround. For applications such as Revit, a change made for one aspect of the model represents by decreased manual interference in the entire process. This also makes it easier to define and extract individual sheets or different parts of drawings, and every minute detail.

Those are one of the key reasons why CAD Services are eminently outsourced by big building houses or infrastructure firms around the globe. Over a span this method helps companies gain advantage over their rivals who do not outsource their requirements. Within a short span of time, CAD Technology has developed into another era and is continually developing into giving the engineering industry a better shape. CAD Technology also lets CAD companies and practitioners more effectively handle their Drafting or Modeling programs.

Companies offering CAD software and companies that are continuously improving their technical skills will always be in an advantageous position relative to firms still dependent on traditional methods of project execution.

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