Ever wondered what really is the technology and how many forms it can take. This article actually cites several examples of technology so you get a clear idea.

1. Programming Languages

Programming languages such as Java, C, C++, C # and others help with coding to create software products which customers or other related companies purchase in turn, for example, to maintain their IT assets.

Also, software products come into the picture in the form of a backend linked to the front end where you can enter data and retrieve information from the database concerned. SQL or regular query language is the one we use to query information, but it’s embedded in the code so you don’t have to do anything but call up data from the backend to the front end of the user input and/or button clicks gui.

As another example, we can use notepads to store formatted information and apply data mining algorithms to these data to find trends that say, for instance, whether last year’s profit in a shopping complex is more or less than this year’s, and compare and try to find trends in consumer tastes in purchasing products.

2. Electronic Gadgets

Beyond software, for example, technology is more common in building electronic devices, smartphones, iPADs, TABs, iPODs, and the list goes on. It is up to you to figure out what is best for you, and buy it accordingly.

3. Means of Communication

To make our lives simpler, we can ride in buses, trains and airplanes almost anywhere in the world, which have become more spacious, modernized and comfortable with time. We can also own cars and other vehicles of our own choice and nowadays they give us greater protection.

4. Books, eBooks and audio books

Writing and publishing books have become so much simpler in this modern day, that anybody who knows or trains themselves how to write books in any niche or area of interest can eventually publish and sell them on Amazon.

Following Amazon’s guidelines and adhering to them, the book will be a bestseller, and you feel inspired to write more books. By writing and publishing first, you will potentially leave your day job and turn to selling books, while you gain more recognition.

Now common are eBooks, other than print books, and audio books and you can also build and sell them.

In sum up, these four types are brilliant examples of technology and how you can take advantage of them depends on you.


Source by Rosina S Khan

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